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Monday, June 29, 2015

GRAMPIAN: Between the Clearfield County settlements of Grampian and Curwensville exists Place of the Rocks Roadhouse, a restaurant, a place where families gather to share their lives while enjoying great food. Owners Dennis Biancuzzo and Gary Hornbeck, partners of 15 years, are gay. The landmark Supreme Court decision of three days ago cast a spotlight on their business that has, so far, failed to equal the beauty of a rainbow White House. While social networks have been hyper with a myriad of opinions from the masses, the restaurant's doors have remained as open as their owners' sexual orientation, but the restauranteers have been met with a backlash they didn't bargain for in the wake of national headlines. Although very well spoken and no strangers to the press as former subjects of a 2014 "Let Love Define Families" Huffington Post article, Dennis and Gary, in the last 72 hours, are facing less desirable words and consequence from some bigoted locals. Their bread and butter, literally, their restaurant, is not faring as well as it had before the historic national headlines. 

In the time since the decision, Place of the Rocks Roadhouse has noticed an approximate 75% decline in patronage and more than a 100% increase in negativity between the various social networking animals the couple employs the use of to promote their business (Facebook, e-mail, etc.). Meanwhile neither ownership, staff, nor the menu has changed. But something has changed. 






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